Nov 29, 2023 I have received the Rackham International Student Fellowship, which is offered to 25 students across graduate departments under Rackham!
Oct 29, 2023 Our paper “Denoising Low-Rank Data Under Distribution Shift: Double Descent and Data Augmentation” has been accepted to the NeurIPS workshop on the Mathematics of Modern Machine Learning (M3L)!
Jun 15, 2023 Two new preprints (confounded RL and double descent phenomena with input noise) added to arXiv!
Apr 29, 2023 My paper on learning mixtures of Markov chains and MDPs with Kevin Tan and my advisor, Prof. Tewari, has been accepted to ICML 2023 (Oral)!
Apr 07, 2023 Invited to attend the Princeton ML theory Summer School, 2023!
Aug 14, 2022 My paper with Prof. Stefan Friedl and Jose Pedro Quintanilha on an algorithm for generalized Seifert matrices has been accepted by the Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications!
Aug 14, 2022 Monsoon Math has unfortunately been cancelled for summer 2022.
Mar 05, 2022 Monsoon Math is gearing up for 2022! Email me if you have ideas about making it more effective and impactful.